All you need to know about Elafonissos island!

All you need to know about Elafonissos island!

The teeny tiny Greek island of Elafonissos is found between the Peloponnese and the island of Kythira, and measures just 19 square meters in size. This untouched island is jeweled with sparkling, turquoise waters and soft white sands. It only possesses one small village, its capital of the same name, where most of the island’s vibrancy is concentrated.

Tangerine sunsets, pretty landscapes and mesmerizing beaches make this the perfect destination for seclusion and relaxation!

Welcome to Elafonissos!

Aerial view of Simos beach in Elafonisos island in Greece. Elafonisos is a small Greek island the Peloponnese with idyllic exotic beaches and crystal clear waters. Laconia, Greece, Europe

This stunning island is known as ‘the Caribbean of Greece’ due to its perfectly white sands and crystalline waters. Each beach is more beautiful than the last, so during your visit try to visit as many as you can! Below are the most renowned.

Simos (South):Is one of the top rated beaches of Greece due to its pristine appearance and tropical scenery. Simos actually consists of two beaches; Megalos Simos (Big Simos) and Mikros Simos (Small Simos) that are connected by a narrow stretch of white sand. Simos beach boasts exotic looking waters, white sands and provides tourist facilities such as parasols and sun loungers. Surrounding the beach are colourful beach bars and traditional tavernas to escape to when it gets too hot. The beach gets very popular in summer as it offers such a unique swimming experience.

Lefki (South):On the way to Simos beach you’ll find the beautiful bay of Lefki. White sands dotted with tufts of pretty flora and fringed by shallow turquoise waters make this a very natural place to hang out. This beach sits on a backdrop of mountainous terrain and therefore provides a secluded and tranquil atmosphere. Protected by the south-west winds, this beach can become rather popular in high season.

Sarakiniko aka Megali Paralia (South):Next to Simos beach is the paradise bay of Sarakiniko, and like the rest of the island’s beaches, this beach too boasts sugar white sands and glistening crystalline waters. Rare Kedros trees freckle the 1km long beach and large sand dunes house wild flora. To the west of the beach you’ll find the largest campsite on the island amongst other tourist facilities. This beach’s landscape is utterly stunning and provides a luscious, tropical atmosphere.

Kontogoni (North):This beach has unfortunately suffered changes due to the construction of the new eastern coastal road, however it still offers Elafonissos’s famous pure sands and clear waters. It also offers accommodation such as villas and studio apartments and 100m away, a mini-market and a selection of restaurants.

Kalogeras (North):Kalogeras is an extension of Kontogoni beach, creating a long coast of white sand decorated with tall cedar trees and sand dunes. It is in close proximity to town providing easy access to local amenities and eateries. The beach’s rugged terrain and shallow waters create fantastic snorkeling conditions.



Lack of development and the size of this island is what has preserved its natural beauty, therefore sightseeing upon the island is very limited. This island is ideal for total relaxation at the beach; Swimming and snorkeling is a delight with the island’s exotic scenery and pretty hiking trails will lead you to tiny chapels, secluded swimming coves and hilltops providing breathtaking views.

Local cuisine

The island’s surrounding clean waters provide an abundance of fresh fish and seafood, so any seafood specialty is going to hit the spot! Be sure to try lobster spaghetti and if you have the opportunity, fish soup!

Events and festivals

Elafonissos, despite being a small island, has many local traditions with many years of history. Like most Greek islands; feasts, dancing and traditional music are the backbone to each celebration. Below are some of the most important:

Feast of Saint Spyridon, patron saint of Elafonissos: December 12th Elafonissos honors patron saint and protector of the island, Aghios Spyridon.

Liberation Day: 6-9 July

Elafonissos honors the anniversary of its liberation on July 6, 1850 for three days. Throughout these three days, a number of events take place such as the Festival of Traditional Dances, with dance groups from both Greece and abroad attending.

Fisherman’s Day: The last 10 days of August

A significant event of the island is the feast of the fishermen. The island’s Fishermen Club organizes this event and includes traditional dancing, live music and of course a feast of fresh, succulent fish. The event is often accompanied by presentations of nautical history of the island.

We recommend visiting the island of Elafonissos in low season, as in high season it can be pretty uncomfortable with all the tourists. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the island’s mesmerizing scenery and a lot of sun cream for the sizzling Greek sun!

Happy travels!