Greek islands

Proudly settled in the Aegean Sea lies the very famous island, Santorini. It’s recognised worldwide by its sea of white and blue sugar cube houses and its breathtaking sunsets. Formed by a colossal volcano in 1646 BC, this rugged island is now a ‘bucket list’ destination and receives over two million tourists yearly. Possessing lava hardened pebbled beaches, cliff sides that glisten a rainbow of colours and pretty villages that cling at dizzying heights, it’s no wonder that Santorini is the

Nestled between the port of Athens and the island of Naxos lies the bold and feisty island, Mykonos. This top destination is where the fun happens! Famed for its epic beach parties, legendary clubs, exotic beaches and cosmopolitan vibes, it’s no wonder that this island has been referred to as “The Ibiza of Greece”. In addition to its vibrant nightlife, Mykonos is also renowned for its minimal Cycladic architecture. White washed houses with minimal pops of colour create the island’s luxurious

Serifos is one of the Cycladic islands found in the Aegean Sea. It is not overdeveloped and therefore offers natural landscapes and a relaxing atmosphere. The island’s capital Chora, is considered to be one of the most picturesque capitals of the Cyclades and the island’s 81km coastline provides some of the most amazing beaches in the Aegean Sea. Welcome to Serifos!   Beaches With the island’s lengthy coastline, Serifos boasts an abundance of unspoiled beaches possessing wild beauty and serenity. Agios Sostis: 7km East of

Sitting harmoniously in the waters of the Aegean Sea lies the picturesque island of Paros. One of the most popular Greek islands due to its endless sandy-blonde beaches, enchanting cliff top villages and vivid nightlife; this island is a slice of heaven for everyone. Easily accessible, Paros is just a short ferry ride from Athens and in addition, it closely sits in range of other popular Cyclades islands such as; Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini, making it the perfect base for island

Tucked below the Peloponnese’s coastline is the secluded island of Kythira. It is actually one of the Ionian islands however, it is so far from it’s Ionian family that this enchanting island has remained off the tourist radar and continues to be an untouched haven of natural beauty and calm. Kythira boasts beautiful beaches, quaint villages and a wealth of natural sights and impressive architectural wonders. Welcome to Kythira!   Beaches The majority of Kythira’s beaches possess deep glassy waters offering the perfect conditions for

Located between the Greek mainland and the Greek islands of the North Aegean are the Sporades islands; a group of 24 islands and islets. It is said that the Sporades islands were created when the Titans, Otos and Efiates, had an intense argument and began throwing rocks at each other. These rocks then became the complex we know as the Sporades islands. The four biggest islands; Alonnisos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros are inhabited and are popular holiday destinations. These four

The relaxing island of Alonnisos is arguably one of the most beautiful Sporadic islands and is blessed with verdant forests, colourful seaside villages and stunning beaches. The capital of the island, Patitiri, was built following the devastation of Chora in an earthquake that took place on the island in 1965. Patitiri is a charming town filled with cobbled alleyways, stone houses with flowered balconies and some lovely local shops and bakeries, it is definitely worth a visit! Other sights worth

Skopelos is a Sporadic island known for it’s unspoiled charm, relaxing ambience and verdant landscapes. The island is so picturesque that scenes from the movie Mamma Mia were filmed on the island. It’s two main villages are Skopelos town and Glossa, both of which cling to lush mountainsides and boast breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Aswell as it’s enchanting villages, Skopelos boasts mesmerizing beaches and impressive sights.   Beaches Each beach of Skopelos is more breathtaking than the last, each one possessing

Skyros is arguably the least popular of the Sporadic islands but it is therefore one of the most unspoiled and stunning. Untouched by tourism development, this island boasts secluded beaches, traditional architecture and dazzling hiking trails. This island is the perfect place to absorb the island’s nature and enjoy some calm. Welcome to Skyros   Beaches The beaches of Skyros are unspoiled natural wonders. Each bay boasts lush vegetation, azure waters and blonde sands. Due to their seclusion the beaches lack in facilities, but