Terms of use

& privacy policy

1. The Company

The limited partnership company with the legal registered name «TOUR EXPERTS Limited Partnership» and the trade sign «TOUR EXPERTS», which has its head office in Athens (Fokidos no 7), hereinafter referred to as «The Company», offers tourist services, especially tour and travel packages , as well as food tasting tours.

Users – clients can have access to the services offered by the Company through the website athensfoodonfoot.com , which has been created by the Company in order to inform the public about the available tour packages and the activities these include, as well as for the ability of making via internet (on line) reservations on the package tours organized.


2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Use

The customers-users of the Company’s services should be aware of these Terms and Conditions of use (of its services). For that purpose, that is the information of the public these Terms and Conditions are posted on the Company’s website and customers-users could always have access to them.

The completion of the participation application (reservation) in tours and activities organized by the Company, ie the submission of the payment of the relevant fees payable for the services of the Company, implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms.

In addition, the Company has the right to prohibit, prevent or block access to its services and electronic site if found violating these Terms and Conditions of Use as well as in case of violation of personal data, infringements of intellectual property rights and for any other reason, to ensure the quality of the services rendered and protection of the users/customers.


3. Modification of the Terms and Conditions of Use

The Company expressly reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Use of its Services and Webside. As mentioned above, the Terms and Conditions of Use are posted on the Company’s website as in force at the moment. The Company has the right to proceed to any addition, deletion, change or clarification of the present terms, which are put into effect by being posted on the Site and without further notice to customers. For the above reason it is recommended that the clients-users of the Services read the Terms of Use periodically, so that they could have safe and timely notification of any changes to their content. Any amendments that have been notified to the users of its services, by posting them on the Company’s website, are deemed to be unconditionally accepted and made effective from the date of notification.


4. Offered services regulated by the present Terms and Conditions

The available tour packages, activities included in each tour and offered tour services are described in detail per package on the Website and brochures of the Company.

However, the Company reserves the right to modify the organized tours (by adding, subtracting activities or modifying the offered services) in order to improve the quality of service and ensure the best possible user convenience and the safe navigation of travelers.


5. Charges

The Company reports in detail on the website the amount of payable fees (for the service provided), depending on the type of tour and the offered services. According to the Greek Legislation the relevant analogue valueadded tax should be paid on the amount charged as fees. For the above reason, the prices of services reported on the Webpage are the final, including corresponding VAT .. The above prices per tour include entrance ticket costs for archaeological sites etc. For any unexpected changes or adjustments in the prices of the latter the Company should not be considered responsible, if these changes are due to factors that could not be controlled by the Company.


6. Methods of payment

The payment for the offered by the Company services may be by using Pay pal cards, (credit cards) and cash. The 50% of the remuneration to be paid would be paid in advance , when the booking of the service is confirmed, and the remaining 50% before the provision of the services . In cases of additional activities not included in package prices, the participation of excursionists – users would be voluntary and the payment would be made on the spot using cash.


7. Cancellation policy

The customers-users of the Company’s Services may cancel their participation in the tours up to 48 hours before the tour. In this case, they are entitled to full refund of their money, subject to any withholding supply from the Bank, depending on the payment method. Ιn case the clients cancel within 48 hours before the tour the are not entitled to a refund of the deposit of 50% they paid during the booking confirmation.

Similarly, the Company may cancel guided tour provided that notifies the customers-users up to 48 hours before the tour, having the full obligation to return their money.

In all other cases, contact the Company for your information on the possibility or not returned by your paid money.

The refund is held by using the same payment method within a reasonable period of time up to 30 days.


8. Limitation of the Company’s liability- Disclaimer

The Company offers tourist services, especially services of organizing tour travel packages, as well as food tasting tours. In order to provide the above services, the Company cooperates with certified guides and partners with certification of language competence. The Company is liable for the acts and omissions of these persons (tourist guides, certified partners and staff) when providing services for and on behalf of the Company as it is defined in the Civil Code and the Greek Legislation.

As mentioned above, the Company’s Offered Services are Intermediary Services. The company organizes tours for the implementation of which contracts with third parties (regarding the transportation of the travelers, the accommodation, etc). These contracting parties are verified and carefully selected by the Company, which is making the maximum effort to ensure the quality and accuracy of the services (offered by them). Therefore, the Company should not be liable to the customers-users for improper provision of services by those third parties or for any errors or omissions in the performance of their duties, for any differentiation of their services or products or for wrong information and data related to their services and products. Moreover, the Company should not be responsible and is not obliged to pay damages or compensation to customers – users or to return money for any errors, omissions, injury, risk of life, death, material damage, loss or destruction of objects or other damage during the provision of services of third parties – providers to the customers-users.

Furthermore, the Company should try to the fullest extend possible to check the cooperating third party service in order to ensure the quality of the offered services. However, the Company shall not bear responsibility and shall not de obliged to refund or pay financial compensation to userscustomers for lack of infrastructure, errors or omissions of these third party providers, who are solely responsible towards the customers-users for availability, services offered by them and everything associated with them.

Finally, the Company shall not be liable for situations and events which are beyond the competence cycle and which could not be predicted or controled (such as: extreme weather conditions, strikes, elections, decisions of the Greek State and Government or Decisions of Public Services relating to legislation or other decisions) which may affect and empede the provision of services by the Company or cause injury, danger of life, death, material damage, loss or destruction of objects or other damage. In any case, the Company shall not be liable for force majeure, which may cause losses, injuries, or damages of any kind. In these cases the liability of the Company is limited in accordance to Greek Law.


9. Customer’s Responsibility

This website and the services offered by the Company are aimed at persons adults, with full legal capacity. When using the site and services of the Company for others (or minor persons), the proven authority for acting is necessary. In all cases, the Company reserves the right to exclude the use of the website and the services to any person who enters false information, violates these terms and conditions or is found to abuse in any way the content of the website.

The Company makes every possible effort to ensure the protection of personal data of user- clients and shall not be liable for any use of this site for deceptive purposes or for use by third non-cooperative parties. Additionally, the Company is not liable in cases of infringement of its website or damage that might be caused by malicious software. For the above reasons, the customers-users should not trust links which could result in pages with questionable or risky content.

As mentioned above, the purpose of the Company is to provide tourist services, organize package tours, travel packages and food tasting tours. Therefore, the Company is not responsible for the way in which third parties provide services (insurance, improper storage / loss / destruction of baggage and personal belongings.) Unless otherwise required by applicable law or by contracts with the third party- service provider (for example accommodation , the transport company, etc.), the client-user is responsible for the personal security and safety of his personal belongings and luggage. In case of doubt it is recommended to consult the Representatives of the Company.


10. Coryright- Trademarks –Personal Data

The content of this site (including text, images, photographs, other audio or visual media or information and published content of any kind), as well as registered trademarks, logos are owned by the Company, unless otherwise stated, and are protected in accordance with the existing legislation for the protection of intellectual property rights, the provisions for protection against unfair competition and the protection of trademarks. In other words, any reproduction, copying, alteration, distribution, reloading or other use of the content appearing on this website without the prior written consent – consent of the Company is explicitly prohibited.

The information and personal data registered in order to use the Company’s services are protected as confidential. Their use by any third party, without complying with the provisions of Law. 2472/97 as in force today, is explicitly banned.


11. Applicable Law

The present Terms and Conditions of Company Services conform to the Greek Legislation. In addition, the Courts of Athens shall have the jurisdiction to resolve any dispute arising in the Company’s relationships with customersusers or because of breach of these terms and conditions. Applicable law should be the Greek law, without prejudice to private international law provisions, to the Fair of the European Union and the attachment of specific individual provisions of international treaties.


12. Special Terms and Conditions– Exclusive responsibility of the user

The customers-users are obliged to inform in advance about any allergy or intolerance to any food ingredient, plant / herb or anything else with which they could come into contact and endanger their physical integrity or health Moreover, it is essential for the Company to be aware if the customer – user follows some medication, if the physical state and state of health are different from that of an average person, so that serving their special needs could require special facilities or diet. Also, the client shall be responsible to notify the Company if there is any other special feature that could require special treatment to ensure his safety. The Company informs the users – customers for the activities included in the tours. The customer’s participation in the activities assumes sole responsibility (of the customer) and taking responsibility for any risk or damage of his health or life. In this case the company is not responsible or liable to compensation or a pecuniary satisfaction unless otherwise specified in the Greek Legislation.

The Company shall specify with the present Terms and Conditions that the client-user’s participation in the activities (tours – food tours) requires that the client user is healthy and that he accepts his sole responsibility for any injury, allergic or other reaction, injury or accident that may occur during participation in the tour activities, either to himself or by an act or omission of the same to a third party.

In all cases, the Company and its staff is at your disposal for information, clarification and in order to resolve any problem that may occur and is not specifically mentioned herein. Your participation in the program assumes that you fully understand the above terms and conditions and that you accept them.