January 2021

Untouched by mass tourism, Amorgos is the perfect island for those who seek tranquility. It is one of the most beautiful Greek islands with its astonishing landscapes, mysterious landmarks, and unspoiled beaches. Welcome to Amorgos! Beaches Each one of Amorgos’s beaches boasts wild beauty and tranquility. Below are our top picks. Mouros: One of the top beaches on the island is Mouros. Found 15km southeast of Chora, this beach has gained popularity with its deep turquoise waters and under water caves. The beach consists

Just a short ferry ride from Athens you will find the enigmatic island of Andros. This island is the northernmost of the Cyclades and is prominent for its rich vegetation and its abundance of rare wildlife. Striking waterfalls, creeks, and springs create a fairyland of wonders, whilst its exotic-looking beaches and cosmopolitan vibe add a tropical quality to the island. Andros is also known for its unique mix of Venetian, Byzantine, and Ottoman architectural designs, which together form a harmonious

According to legend, the island of Aegina was originally known as Oenone, however after the God Zeus carried off the nymph Aegina and held her hostage upon the island, she eventually gave birth to a son, Aeacus, who renamed the island after his mother. Aegina is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway being the closest island to Athens; just 16.5 nautical miles from Pireaus harbor. Despite its size, the island possesses a number of great sights and natural landscapes

The island of Agistri is known for its natural beauty and mesmerizing beaches. This island is a popular destination for Athenians due to it’s close proximity to Athens and its exotic vibe. Lush green vegetation, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and some of the best seafood in Greece make this the perfect island for a relaxing holiday. Welcome to Agistri! The island of Agistri used to be known as Kekrifalia. It took it’s name from the mythological legend of Aphaea. The Goddess

The mystical “island” of Methana was born as an island millions of years ago, but turbulent weather and volcanic eruptions throughout the Aegean Sea caused massive tsunamis that forced a narrow isthmus to rise up from the sea and naturally connected the island to the eastern coastline of the Peloponnese. Methana boasts majestic volcanic scenery, pretty villages, thermal springs, and astonishing landmarks.   Background The island is a dormant volcano with its last eruption taking place in 1700 in a submarine volcano. Due

The stunning island of Poros is located just one hour from Pireaus Port by Ferry. This tranquil, forested island is popular for ‘weekend getaways’ due to its close proximity to the mainland. It boasts exotic beaches, charming fishing villages, and verdant hilltops.   Background According to Mythology, Poros is said to be the scene of a romantic tragedy. When the Cretan King Minos was fighting the city of Megara, the daughter of the besieged city, Scylla, fell in love with the Cretan

One of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands is the picturesque island of Hydra; boasting elegant architecture, enchanting villages, and a serene atmosphere. What makes this island extra special is its car ban. Due to this ‘no vehicle’ policy, the island is void of pollution and traffic and instead is filled with; locals on donkeys, pristinely kept streets, and fresh air. This remarkable island is a paradise for all the senses!   Background The historical record on Hydra is rather sparse, however there are

The island of Spetses pops color! It’s secluded beaches have a tropical vibe with their white sands, emerald waters, and dense vegetation and it’s charming fishing villages provide picturesque scenes bursting with vibrancy. The island’s history is long and rich in naval traditions and has lead to the island possessing some striking landmarks. This is the perfect island to unwind and relax!   Background Findings from archeological excavations show that the island has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, however it’s first settlement