All you need to know about Alonnisos island!

All you need to know about Alonnisos island!

The relaxing island of Alonnisos is arguably one of the most beautiful Sporadic islands and is blessed with verdant forests, colourful seaside villages and stunning beaches. The capital of the island, Patitiri, was built following the devastation of Chora in an earthquake that took place on the island in 1965. Patitiri is a charming town filled with cobbled alleyways, stone houses with flowered balconies and some lovely local shops and bakeries, it is definitely worth a visit! Other sights worth visiting are below.

Welcome to Alonissos!



The beaches of the island are stunning and many. Each beach boasts lush green landscapes, white bays and turquoise waters. The Northern Sporadic waters are amongst the list of the clearest in the world. Here are our top picks:

Agios Dimitrios: This beach is located 14km northeast of Patitiri. It has a dramatic appearance with it’s peninsula bay dissolving into the surrounding crystal waters. The beach also houses a fantastic taverna and boasts a dense backdrop of lush pine trees.

Chrisi Milia: The beach of Chrisi Milia lies 5km northeast of the capital and is considered to be one of the most beautiful on the island. It has soft golden sands and turquoise waters. The bay is organised and offers watersports and a hillside taverna on the side of the beach.

Agios Petros: This calm cove engulfed by dense vegetation is located 8km northeast of Patitiri. It is secluded and therefore offers unspoiled landscapes and tranquility. It has crystal clear waters and a rocky seabed; great for snorkeling.

Kokinokastro: This impressive beach is located 7km northeast of the island’s capital. The fine pebbled, sandy beach sits next to a burnt orange cliff side that dissolves into the crystalline waters. The beach provides wonderful views of Alonissos’s surrounding islets.

Lefto Gialos: Located 7km northeast of Patitiri is the sugar-white sanded beach of Lefto Gialos. It has turquoise waters surrounded by verdant landscapes. This beach is postcard perfect!

Megali Ammos: This beach is located 7km northwest of Patitiri. It is secluded and therefore boasts unspoiled landscapes. The beach has a mix of sand and pebbles with bright blue waters. The surrounding area is abundant with smaller coves perfect for swimming and snorkeling. There are no facilities within the area which makes this region very peaceful.

Majestic beach of Kokkinokastro in Alonnisos island, Greece


Marine Park: On the north side of the island is the Marine Park. This is the residence of the endangered species the Mediterranean seal monk (Monachus-Monachus), one of the rarest animals in Europe. The park is also a breeding ground for many birds, fish, reptiles and mammals such as dolphins. This park is a magical sight for every tourist!

Small islets (Peristera/Piperi/Papous etc): Surrounding the island of Alonissos are several gorgeous islets. Majestic coves, white sand beaches, pine tree forests and idyllic chapels are just a few of the remarkable sights to enjoy. The islets can be reached with boat excursions that leave from the port of Patitiri. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel, the colourful seabeds of the area create a magical snorkeling experience.

Mavrikis Folklore Museum: This privately owned museum sits nestled upon the hilltops of Patitiri. Aswell as exhibiting traditional costumes, war memorabilia and local artworks, this museum also boasts extraordinary views of the port.

Shipwreck: The half sunken ship can be found on the shore of the islet, Peristera. It used to be the Alonissos barge that transported supplies to the island.

Churches and monasteries: Church of Christ, Church of Agios Georgios, Church of Agios Athanassios and the Monastery of Kyra Panagia.


Local cuisine

Local products of the island include: Fresh tuna, olive oil and Mizithra cheese made of milk and whey from sheep and/or goat milk.

Specialities of the island include: Black linguine with tuna, frumenty pies, pumpkin pie, fried cheese pie, Bourekia (a meat pie of ground beef and various spices including cinnamon) and Fouska (doughnut balls) which are drizzled with honey and dusted with cinnamon.


Events and festivals

The island, like most of the Greek islands, celebrates many religious feasts that entail litanies, lots of food, local wine, traditional music and dancing. The biggest feasts celebrated on the island are:

July 25th: The feast of Paraskevi

August 15th: The Assumption of the Virgin Mary 

As well as it’s religious celebrations, Alonissos is also home to the first international multi terrain marathon. The remarkable course runs through forests, beaches, rugged terrain and unspoiled natural areas of the island. The first marathon took place in 2005 with many renowned athletes from Greece and Europe taking part. It takes place every July and is a very significant event on the island.