Anna Tzogia

Anna Tzogia


Hello! My name is Anna and I welcome you to ‘Live the Greek Life’!

You have found yourself on this website and so I imagine you are a keen traveller, explorer and foodie, just like myself! So let me tell you a bit about how my love of food, my country and it’s culture blossomed into something more…

My interest in food started at an early age whilst growing up and assisting my family on our olive farm in Macedonia. As I watched and learnt more and more about the Greek cuisine, my passion took hold of me and I decided to enter the field of tourism and start my own private company; offering food tasting tours of the picturesque capital, Athens.

Wanting to take things further and share the unique features of Greece on a wider scale, in 2019 I created the company Live The Greek Life, as a platform offering: photos, useful articles, family recipes, tips, city guides and a collection of my specially designed tours of Greece, in the hope of giving people far and wide a taste of the Greek life.

Myself and my team are forever evolving our company and are always hungry (literally!) to find new and unique; locations, attractions, activities and food experiences, so that we are able to design unforgettable tours for you and our other customers.

Each member of our team is an expert in their field, but most importantly, each one has their own charismatic personality and is ready to provide you with an authentic and memorable adventure!