All you need to know about Agistri island!

All you need to know about Agistri island!

The island of Agistri is known for its natural beauty and mesmerizing beaches. This island is a popular destination for Athenians due to it’s close proximity to Athens and its exotic vibe. Lush green vegetation, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and some of the best seafood in Greece make this the perfect island for a relaxing holiday.
 Welcome to Agistri!

The island of Agistri used to be known as Kekrifalia. It took it’s name from the mythological legend of Aphaea. The Goddess Aphaea took refuge in the sea caves of the island to escape the fishermen of Aegina island. The Goddess Artemis helped her by decorating her head with flowers so she would not be recognised and thus the island got it’s name meaning ‘decorated/embellished head’. Excavations show that human inhabitants arrived on the island over 2,500 years ago although the island was not constantly inhabited. Due to the size of the island and lack of archaeological research completed, the island does not have many landmarks or sites to explore. However there are plenty of activities to enjoy like: hiking through the rich green wetlands, exploring the picturesque villages and watersports like snorkeling.


Sites to visit include:

Lekani lake: The saltwater lake of Lekani lies southwest of the island. These wetlands are rich in Fauna and Flora. Hiking and bicycle paths allow easy access to the lake and offer scenic routes and fantastic photo opportunities. Church of Agioi Anagyroi: This is the most photographed church on the island. It is located northeast of the island and boasts the traditional white washed walls and a stunning blue dome.
Church of the Virgin Mary: The tiny church of the Virgin Mary or Panagia is located in the idyllic village of Metochi. It is accessible via trekking routes and offers breathtaking views of the island.
Church of Agia Kyriaki: The whitewashed, golden domed Church of Agia Kyriaki is located south of the island in the tiny village of Limenaria.
The stunning beaches of Agistri boast fine sand beaches and azure waters. Secluded coves with unspoiled landscapes create a tropical vibe and an oasis of tranquility. Here are our top picks:
Chalikiada: The impressive beach of Chalikiada is found 4km southwest of Megalochori and offers glassy waters surrounded by verdant cliffs. The white pebbled bay and rugged seabed create the perfect conditions for both swimming and snorkeling.
Aponissos: The cove of Aponissos possesses a rocky terrain and turquoise waters. The beach is a mix of rock and golden sand on a backdrop of fragrant pine trees. A fantastic taverna sits beachside and offers delicious food and sea views. This beach is found 8km southwest of Megalochori.
Dragonera: 3km southwest of the island lies the lovely bay of Dragonera. This white pebbled beach is completely unspoiled except for the charming little taverna that sits on the beach and plays chilled music throughout the day. The beach is usually unfrequented and so offers a great environment for relaxing.
Skala: The beach of Skala is one of the most striking on the island. It’s flat white sands that blend into the crystalline shallow waters are a unique sight. This popular beach offers an array of tourist facilities and houses the pretty church of Agioi Anargyri.
Megalochori: The roadside beach of Megalochori is a very peaceful beach. It has soft fine sands and extraordinary azure waters. It’s location offers remarkable sea views of the Saronic Gulf.


Local cuisine

Like every Greek island, Agistri offers sublime seafood and fresh fish. Other specialties of the island also include Mousounta, a herb pie. Laklori, a courgette pie. Olives, olive oil, capers, and pine honey.

Notable events and festivals

The locals on the island have very strong religious traditions and so each summer tourists can enjoy the festivities of various feasts celebrated on the island.
July 1st: Feast of Agioi Anargyroi
July 7th: Feast of Agia Kyriaki
August 15th: Dormition of the Virgin Mary