Athens | Santorini | Crete

Price €1099 10 days
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Athens | Santorini | Crete

€1099 per person

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Athens | Santorini | Crete

9 nights | 10 days

In this action packed tour of; Greece’s capital, the sunset island of Santorini and the largest Greek island, Crete, you will not only discover Greece’s breathtaking landscapes, but also receive an insight into her culture, history and culinary heritage. Begin your adventure in the ancient city of Athens, where a food tasting tour of the city center will uncover local life, local products and some of the city’s most noteworthy landmarks.

Take a stroll up to the magnificent Acropolis and wander around the contemporary museum where you will learn about the ancient civilizations that once roamed the city. A breezy car ride will take you to the sanctuary of Delphi, once the centre of the ancient world, there you can experience the ancient sites, the Temple of Apollo and the Archaeological museum. Once arriving on the island of Santorini, enjoy a dreamy dinner overlooking the Caldera, where it’s sunsets will take your breath away.

Whilst in Santorini, live the mystery of the Lost City of Atlantis and in addition, enjoy a private catamaran cruise that will take you to; volcanic sanded beaches, hot springs and some amazing snorkeling spots, perfectly followed up by a BBQ, seafood buffet and open bar.

The next island, Crete, a foodie’s heaven, will have you stunned by its verdant countryside and rich culture. Scenic tours involving; wine tasting, olive oil tasting and traditional Cretan meals await your taste buds and in addition, some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece with white sands and turquoise waters will finish off your holiday in the most fitting manner.

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