Private tour of Acropolis and museum!

Price €299 4 hours
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Private tour of Acropolis and museum!

€299 per person

Join us on a private guided tour to uncover the astonishing history and culture of the Ancient Greek civilizations, as well as explore the magnificent landmarks that hold their stories.

Enjoy a picturesque stroll up the south slope of the Acropolis to avoid the crowds and take full advantage of fantastic photo opportunities. Along the way a collection of mesmerizing sculptures, as well as The Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the Theater of Dionysus, await to tell you their 2,500-year-old history.

Once inside the archaeological site of the Acropolis, explore more sights such as the Propylaea gateway, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Parthenon and receive insightful information about each particular site from your personal tour guide. At the peak of the legendary hill, experience breathtaking panoramic views of the city whilst learning about the magical times of the Ancient Greek world.

After exploring the stunning sites of the Acropolis, dive further into the history and culture of the Ancient Greek civilizations by taking a wander around the beautifully designed Acropolis museum. The newly constructed museum holds over 4000 artifacts found on the rocky slopes of the Acropolis and its surroundings, aging back to the Greek Bronze Age and to Roman and Byzantine Greece. The precision and simplicity of the museum’s design allows an intriguing walk through.

This leisurely paced tour is great for those history lovers that enjoy to soak in every little detail or for those that aren’t the strongest of walkers and don’t appreciate being rushed!


*All COVID safety regulations and precautions set by the Greek government will be met by our staff, including the use of masks, hand
sanitizer and the abidance of physical distancing.*

  • Destination
  • Departure
    Acropolis metro station
  • Departure Time
    Available every hour between 9am -2pm
  • Return Time
    up to 12 pax

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