One week tour of the Alpine regions of Western Greece

Price 7 days
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One week tour of the Alpine regions of Western Greece

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Treat yourself to a seven day exploration of Western Greece’s alpine regions!

This one week tour is the first of its kind in Greece and its purpose is to not only unveil the mainstream attractions of Greece, but also to uncover the true hidden gems of Greece’s natural beauty. Join us on this tour to explore World Heritage sites of unique nature as well as traditional towns that ooze charm.

Explore the mountain town of Arahova; a large sea of charming stone houses with bright terra-cotta roofs and recieve a taste of its local Greek products in a nearby traditional restaurant. Take a visit to the spiritual region of Delphi, Greece’s most sacred site filled with beautiful monuments such as the Temple of Apollo and the ancient theater. Stand in the shadow of the grand statue of Leonidas and stroll through the dreamy scenery of Meteora; famous for its remarkable rock formations and impressive Byzantine monasteries. Enjoy local dishes accompanied by a glass of Greek wine in the enchanting vineyard of Katowice Avroff, a tranquil place located in the alpine-style town of Metsovo. Relish in the spectacular views of Pamvotida Lake and Megalo Zagori and after a refreshing swim, tuck into a delicious lunch of fresh seafood washed down with ice cold Ouzo. Visit the worlds longest fully suspended bridge, Rio-Antirrio, and discover many more interesting sites and lush scenery throughout this tour!!


Join us on this visionary tour of Western Greece to witness scenes of stunning nature and receive an extensive introduction to Greek history. This tour is guaranteed to leave you with memories that will stay with you forever! More details can be found in the ‘tour plan’ section.


  • Hotel pick up/Drop off
  • Private transfer
  • Accommodation/breakfast
  • Private licensed guide
  • Guide/escort
  • A bottle of water and a snack
  • Entrances fees to the museum and archaeological sights
  • Meals: breakfast/lunch/dinner
Day one
  • After picking you up promptly from your hotel, we will begin our journey towards Delphi. Our first stop will be the historic monastery of Hossios Loukas.
  • We will then visit Arahova, a picture-perfect mountain town with stone houses built on a cliff, where we will have lunch of traditional local products.
  • Following this we will journey to the sacred region of Delphi and visit the archaeological site and the “Omphalos” (the “Navel of the world”) witnessing the Oracle of Apollo and many more ancient Greek monuments.
Day two
  • Departing from Delphi, we will head to Lamia. Our first stop for the day will be Thermopylae and the monument of Leonidas.
  • We will spend the night at Meteora after witnessing the well-known rock formations hosting a complex of the Byzantine monasteries, built of unparalleled beauty!
Day three
  • Our destination for the day will be Metsovo, a village built in signature alpine style.
  • A very popular winter destination and ski resort town, Metsovo, is also famous for many types of local cheeses as well as for its wineries, including the Katogi Avroff vineyard, which we will visit.
  • In addition, we will have lunch and a walking tour of the village.
  • After Metsovo, we will head to Ioannina to spend the night.
Day four
  • Ioannina, a city beautifully built around the Pamvotida lake, is the destination of the day. We will get to know the deep cultural background of Ioannina with a walking city tour and a visit to Nisaki, the house-museum of Veli Pasha as well as the local Archaeological Museum.
Day five
  • After one more night in Ioannina, we will head northwest to Zagorohoria. A cluster of 46 traditional picturesque villages, built amphitheatrically in the wider area of Timfi, Pindos and Mitsikeli. Zagorochoria’s natural environment is exquisite and perfect for many outdoor activities. It is also home to the biggest gorge in Greece, Vikos Gorge. We will have lunch at Megalo Zagori and enjoy its spectacular views.
Day six
  • After leaving Zagorochoria, the day begins with a visit to Dodoni, a village very close to Ioannina. Dodoni sports the second most important oracle of ancient Greece, Dodona, dedicated to Zeus.
  • From there, the next stop is the town of heroes, Messolonghi. A mesmerising city built next to a sea lake. Messolonghi oozes with historical significance.
  • Our tour includes the Garden of Heroes and a visit to the sea for swimming and lunch.
Day seven
  • The tour ends with us heading back to Athens and stopping by the Rio-Antirrio bridge, the world’s longest fully suspended bridge. There you can enjoy lunch in the nearby city of Patras before arriving back at your hotel.

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