Athens | Mykonos | Santorini

Price €1099 8 days
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Athens | Mykonos | Santorini

€1099 per person

Beyond Glamour

Athens | Mykonos | Santorini

7 nights | 8 days

In this exhilarating discovery of Athens and two of the most famous Cycladic islands; Mykonos and Santorini, you will not only receive an insight into Greek history and culture, but also witness some of the most mind-blowing landscapes throughout the Cyclades. Begin your adventure by diving into Greece’s gastronomical heritage with a food tasting tour of Athens, where traditional dishes and local products await to tantalize your taste buds. Strolling through the capital you will experience the vibrancy of local life and view in awe at some of Athens’s most significant landmarks. Explore the magnificent Acropolis and its contemporary museum where you will uncover the profundity of ancient civilizations, as well as the unique architectural masterpieces of ancient Greece.

On the electrifying island of Mykonos, white sanded beaches and remarkable swimming opportunities, including a trip to the renowned Kolimbithres Bay, will give you a great example of Greece’s natural beauty. A short day trip to the nearby island of Paros will enchant you, with it’s dazzling beaches and pretty fishing villages where you will find an array of local boutiques and souvenir shops. Santorini is the island of sunsets and unparalleled views, so absorb its beauty over a quiet dinner and an evening of wine tasting overlooking the impressive Caldera.

The highlight of this tour is probably the private catamaran cruise that will take you to; volcanic sanded beaches, hot springs and some amazing snorkeling spots, perfectly followed up by a BBQ, seafood buffet and open bar.
This tour will stimulate all of your senses!

  • Athens 1 night
  • Mykonos 3 nights
  • Santorini 3 nights
  • Athens – 4-5 Star Accommodations
  • Mykonos – 4-5 Star Accommodations
  • Santorini – 4-5 Star Accommodations
Private Transfers
  • Athens - Arrival/Departure Airport Transfers
  • Mykonos – Arrival Airport Transfer & Departure Port Transfer
  • Santorini – Arrival Port Transfer & Departure Airport Transfer
  • Athens to Mykonos
  • Santorini to Athens
Mykonos to Santorini

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