Naxos Mythology Tour

Price €79 4 hours
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Naxos Mythology Tour

€79 per person

Naxos is an iconic Cycladic island that can bring Greek mythology to life.


This half day tour provides the golden combination of an experience of inland rural Naxos with the opportunity of a hands on understanding of Greek mythology. Not only are we visiting four ancient locations dedicated to some of the major gods of ancient Greece, but we also discover the rest of them in the surrounding natural environment! Through storytelling and visuals we delve in the timeless stories of the ancient past connecting them evenly with the present.

Temple of Dimitra, Sanctuary of Dionysus, Kouros at Flerio, Temple of Apollo (Portara).


* Commentary by licensed guide merging the island’s history, mythology, natural environment and current traditions.

8-16 participants

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