Four day Athens culinary experience!

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Four day Athens culinary experience!

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In our four day culinary exploration of Greece, we allow you to really get stuck in and hands-on with your introduction to Greek cooking!

In addition to seeing the sights of Athens, throughout this tour you will have the opportunity to watch and learn from renowned Greek chefs as they introduce you to Greece’s traditional cooking methods and even assist you in making your own Greek dish.

Taste the array of Greek flavors such as Greek yoghurt, Moussaka, olive oils, Greek mezze and learn of the techniques that lie behind each dish! Additionally, wine tasting in a cosy wine cellar will broaden your knowledge of Greek wine and a visit to a traditional Greek Taverna will give you the perfect example of the typical, warm-hearted Greek hospitality!

4 day, Athens

Day 1
After collecting you from your hotel, we will venture onto our food tasting tour of Athens where you will receive the full array of Greek flavours! After some free time you can enjoy witnessing local bakers prepare their well-loved Greek pies. Following this, a relaxing dinner of authentic Greek cooking awaits you!
Day 2
With the assistance of a chef, prepare your own Greek meal and enjoy sharing it with the rest of the group. After some free time, a leisurely dinner out in town will allow you to experience Athens's electrifying nightlife!
Day 3
Once you have taken in Athens's beauty from atop the majestic Acropolis, you can widen your knowledge of the famous Greek olive oil, in an olive oil tasting that will allow you to explore the many different varieties that Greece boasts! After some free time, a cosy wine cellar awaits to introduce you to the bold tastes of Greek wines, followed by a traditional Greek dinner.
Day 4
A visit to the local supermarket will have you feeling like a local Athenian and give you the opportunity to shop for all the Greek goodies you wish to take home with you. This will be followed by a farewell lunch that will leave you feeling satisfied and reminiscent of your exploration of this vibrant city!

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