Seven shades of Greek wine!

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Seven shades of Greek wine!

per person

– 8 days, 7 nights, 7 Greek grape varieties –
Join us on a private wine tasting tour that spans across the Greek mainland!

Greek wine, another element of Greek culture that encourages togetherness. However, compared to other wines of Europe, Greek wine is rather undervalued. So with our once in a lifetime experience, we hope to introduce you to the tantalizing flavours of Greek wines and lead you on a tour of the mainland to witness the spectacular landscapes of Greece and dive deep into its ancient history and culture.

Our journey kicks off in the direction of Nafplion, where landmarks along the way include the ‘Corinth Canal’ and the ancient village of Mykines that possesses an abundance of ancient tombs, the famous ‘Lion Gate’ and the intriguing museum of Mycenae. Day one of your tour will finish wonderfully with a visit to a beautiful winery where wine tasting accompanied by nibbles will be offered.

Day two will entail a visit to the glorious site of Ancient Olympia where a tour of the site will leave you with a thorough introduction to the beginning of Greek culture. After, a visit to yet another spectacular winery and a night in a historical hotel will leave you feeling reinvigorated!

Day three will be a relaxing one with wine tasting, a gourmet meal and coffee in the vibrant hub of Patras. Following the refreshments, an exploration of the mountain town of Arahova will present you with breathtaking views!

Our fourth day will be one filled with wonder and mystery with a trip to Mount Parnassos, home to the sanctuary of Delphi. In the ancient times, Delphi was known as the center of the world and housed one of the most powerful oracles in Ancient Greece. It is here that you will enjoy a fully guided tour of the entire site that will unfold even more mysteries of the ancient world…Following this spiritual encounter, a trip to the colourful town of Manavika will provide the chance to taste the local produce such as sausages, soft cheese and other traditional delights.

Day five includes one of the highlights of our tour; a visit to the dreamy region of Meteora. This stunning area is nature’s mystical architecture of sensational rock formations that provide fantastic photo opportunities. Following this, a visit to a winery and a nights stay in a hotel will complete the day.

We will then journey to Naoussa in Macedonia for a tour of a famous winery where more tastings and finger food await you. After which, a visit to Ladadika in Thessaloniki, provides a heaven for foodies!

The following day we will find ourselves in Chalkidiki for a tour of the lush vineyards of a renowned winery and after another enjoyable tasting we will take a stroll through Thessaloniki under the stars.

On our final day we will visit the most famous winery in the whole of Greece, the perfect way to end of wine tour of the mainland!

*More details of this tour are found in the ‘Tour Plan’ section.*

This tour is a unique and magical experience that will leave you with everlasting memories of your time in Greece!



Hotel pick up/drop off

Private transfer


Private licensed guide


A bottle of water and a snack daily


Entrances fees to the museum and archaeological sights

Meals: /lunch/dinner

Day 1
Depart Athens 09:00   Visit to the ‘Corinth Canal’   Exploration of the ancient town of Mykines: Ancient tombs, ‘Lion Gate’, Museum of Mycenae   Visit to a winery (nibbles)   Seafood dinner Free time   Overnight in a hotel  
Day 2
Breakfast   Visit to a winery   Visit Ancient Olympia   Freetime   Overnight In a hotel
Day 3
Wine tasting, gourmet meal and coffee in Patras   Visit to the coastal town of Nafpaktos   Visit to Arahova    
Day 4
Visit to Mount Parnassos and the sanctuary of Delphi   Visit to a local winery with finger food   Trip to the town of Trikala (Lithaios river, monuments and museum)   Trip to the town of Manavika
Day 5
Visit to Meteora   Wine tasting and nibbles   Overnight in a hotel in Veroia
Day 6
Trip to a chic winery, including a tour of the wine cellars   Exploration of Thessaloniki (Ladadika)   Overnight in a hotel
Day 7
Visit to Chalkidiki   Tour of a winery and it’s vineyards   Dinner   Free time   Overnight in a hotel
Day 8
Visit to the best and most famous winery in Greece   Depart for Athens 21:00

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